Verimatrix & Secure media (comming soon)

DRM/Scrambling Systems Integration


The ANTIK IPTV HW and SW systems are integrated to major digital rights management systems for delivery . Their headend components (IRDs) support all major scrambling systems on an global availablity.


Verimatrix is the leading DRM (card-less) system for IPTV and OTT delivery systems. We at Antik have succesfully integrated its VCAS product into our IPTV STBs together with management systems.

Secure media

The encryptonite system we have used together with our set-top boxes is one of the first OTT deployment in Northern Europe. We use the Securemedia DRM (card-less solution) in our own FTTx network installed in Central Europe to secure a live-channel delivery, too.
Our STBs (Nano, Mini 2, Plus, TV Home Gateway) also come with other HW pre-integrated major DRM systems based on cooperation with our chipset vendor ST Microsystems  – Cisco, NAGRA Kudelski, Conax, and Irdeto.

ANTIK DVB-> The IP receivers were tested together with many global card scrambling systems. Conax, Irdeto, Viacess, just to name a few of the systems, are widely used together with MR and MX range of our receivers accompanied by appropriate CAM moduls.

To enforce low-cost end-to-end OTT delivery projects, we have developed our own KeyRider card-less scrambling system. Its 128bit strong assymetric encryption method (AES-128) is becoming more and more popular in the content provider market segment due to its reliability and durability together with low costs of implementation. A deep integration of the Keyrider Scrambling into all ANTIK IPTV components (from management through streamers to STBs and smart apps) ensures quick and hassle-free  roll-out of secure video delivery. AES-128 encryption is nowadays widely accepted by major studios, too.