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KeyRider Scrambling Stream Protection


Protecting your system against an unauthorised viewing and dangerous server overflow.

The Key Server defines keys and assigns them to specific channels. The Key server continuously generates a new version of keys in a defined interval (for each key the interval is defined independently) - the key rotation. The Media Streamer periodically downloads new versions of keys and enciphers the channels found in the keyserver definitions using strong AES-128 algorithm. There is a mediaplayer decypher in playlist KeyID for each video segment included. The player asks the KeyServer for the exact key using the http XML request which is protected by an even stronger AES-256 algorithm. The KeyServer either does or does not answer  with a key based on the client database. To communicate with the KeyServer each client has been assigned a unique cypher key. In case of compromising the unique end-user device, it is possible to block this device separately, without endangering the whole system. To allow operating with the archive (catch-up TV) the keys are stored on the KeyServer up to one year.

ANTIK Technology

System components

  • Antik Media Streamer
  • Key Server
  • CPE devices:
    • STBs
    • smartphones (iOS, Android, Win8)
    • tablets
    • PC
  • Customer database



  • multiplatform solution - STB, Android, Win8, iOS and multicast delivery
  • designed for TV Anywhere (OTT) enviroment
  • using above industry standard AES-128 algorithm - 128bit long key!
  • protects live streaming, catchup (archive), VOD and PVR
  • easy to install and operate on standard HW equipment
  • AES 256 used for data exchange between servers and devices


ANTIK Technology


ANTIK Technology     See how all IPTV servers correlate