IPTV Management Server MaxIM

MaxIM- Antik IPTV Management Server


The Antik Technology presents a professional cost-effective SW solution for a seamless management of your Antik set-top box and Mobile Application network. MaxIM is the corner stone of Antik Middleware Server Family. You can easily define your channel packages, configure all or only selected customers’ STBs, collaborate with other part of the Antik Server Family such as Antik Archive Servers, Antik Mosaic Servers and VoD servers. The MaxIM management server SW can be easily connected to your billing or to the customer care application, so that your users’ set-top boxes will be automatically activated and monitored using the same software your employees are familiar with.


ANTIK Technology


MaxIM Administration (IPTV Management / Middleware)



Manage the STBs in your network with a powerful management interface. Monitor a wide variety of parameters of each box. This superior statistics module brings a detailed statistic overview of the active STBs and viewers, as well as other vital information. It offers a manual STB / user registration and a channel pack allocation. Also API is integrated with billing.

ANTIK Technology

Packages - Add channel packages to a selected set-top box and set the package validity.

VLAN info - An STB embeded switch that can be controlled from here.

Groups - Add sa elected set-top box to a group of STB’s. Each set-top box can be added to a specific group. The STB’s in this group can be controlled all together, so that the admin doesn’t have to change settings on each set-top box separately.

Remote control - A list of the command buttons, which remotely control the set-top box.

Status - A list of the last activity on the set-top box that allows the admin to see for example what was a user watching before an error has occured (coming soon).

ANTIK Technology


 ANTIK Technology

Managing channels and packages has never been easier. The channel and package manager allows the admin to configure parameters of TV, Radio and LiveCam streams in the network, or enable advanced statistic features. Channel sources by the URL (UDP, RTP, HTTP, HLS) can be easily defined. There´s also a global volume level correction in case of uneven audio sources available.

Filter - The admin can search channels by various categories, so that the searched subject can be found without long procedures.

Categories (tv, radio, cam) - The streams can be divided depending on media – TV streams, digital radios, city (or security) cameras

Receiver inventory - An overview of channels assigned to a specific receiver

ANTIK Technology

Channel Details

Edit the channel`s details, properties, icon and much more. This function offers a simple creation of channel packages and adding management of channel sources, video and audio codecs, and more. Here the admin can add a channel logo for the IMS and this logo will be displayed in the STB GUI menu of the end-user. The Parental control flag helps to manage an adult content.

 ANTIK Technology


EPG management

The EPG database import module is great tool to transform the EPG from the XML TV data formats into the Antik Server Database. The movie title, genre, long description, time, image cover are supported. The XML TV format is supported for a seamless program metadata import to the system. Then the system automatically downloads the new data and checks the consistency. The same data are used for STBs and mobile apps.

ANTIK Technology

GUI Customization


Choose a color of your Graphic User Interface from the background, through Icons, to text. Select your preferred language from several of world languages. When editing Menu Icons, delete or add new options in Menu that will show on the receivers’ screen. Add submenus, name them and activate or deactivate due your needs. We bring not only this but many more possibilities of GUI customization.

ANTIK Technology


There is a possibility to send messages directly to your customers’ devices. You can set up the type of message (alert, flash, scrolling) and also duration of the visibility of the scrolling text. Choose from preset alert messages or make your custom one.    

ANTIK Technology

Hospitality Solution Integrated

Antik MaxIM management server was created to be able to manage Antik Hospitality Solution as well. Choose channel packages for certain rooms, communicate with your customers through messages, and receive orders from them directly from their TV screens to management server. API is integrated with billing, so you are able to prepare bill for your customers within minutes.

ANTIK Technology


In case you want to highlight your company and your products, we are offering Digital Signage Solution together with complex advertising delivery solution also managable through the same MaxIM server. Simply add your Antik Digital Signage panel to the system, create promotion campaigns and assign them to the panel.

ANTIK Technology


Manage the information displayed on navigation panels. Make sure your guests get right guidance to be on time at the right meeting point. Easy operation enables very fast content update.

ANTIK Technology

Users activity stats

It offers detailed IPTV usage stats, channels, programmes, box, PAL/NTSC, PIP, aspect ratio, resolution, restarts, FW versions, etc.

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