Hospitality IPTV Management

ANTIK Hospitality IPTV Management brings you an easy-to-use tool to seamlessly connect your interactive TV to your property management system (PMS).

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The Hospitality IPTV Management comprises several components – Content Management System, IPTV (Channel) Management System, VOD System and Reception Interaction System which can be exchanged by 3rd party Property Management System Connector. 

The Content Management System allows to define and configure the design of the IPTV Guest interface. A user friendly interface makes it easy for the administrator to incorporate hotel visual identity ingot guest interface. It allows to define which features to be offered in the menu. change icon design or hotel services offering. There is no knowledge of programming required to operate the system.

ANTIK Hospitality IPTV System can also be  connected to property management system through its PMS Connector (API) that contains functions for connecting these two  systems. This API provides an easy and fully-automated communication between the two systems and allows to connect ANTIK system to any 3rd party SW. There is specific ANTIK Connector available to interface to Fidelio/Opera PMS.

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The installation of the Hospitality IPTV system is very simple. It allows you to:
•    Modify the basic settings such as the language or currency, define menu items and your own visual design
•    Create list of the hotel rooms and define parameters (number of rooms, number of beds, type of room, etc.)
•    Connect set-top boxes to the network, assign them to the a specific room in the system which automatically adds them to the Hospitality
•    Provides reception with web-tool to setup IPTV for each guest during check-in/check-out procedure, manage messaging to gues rooms, receive/manage guest orders coming from rooms
•    Execute automated data exchange with PMS to ensure correct guest data to be present in Hospitality IPTV System, to activate TV-set and welcome message before guest enters the room for the first time,  to exchange guest orders and billing information and a lot more
•    Setup channel, and channel sources, channel packages, EPG information using ANTIK IPTV Management System

Right after the intallation you can make use of the advantages of the Hospitality IPTV. Your hotel guests can order food, drinks or other services provided by the hotel (wellness, massage, etc.), view his/ her hotel bill or get useful information about historical sights or leisure time activities. The administrator is able to modify the design and the menu of the system, edit the guest list, room parameters, list of available services, set-top boxes or hotel bills. The hotel guests can be informed about the hotel discounts or any special offers via messages or short videos that will be displayed on the screen at guests´ room.    
The Hospitality gives you a  win-win situation - your guests will receive much more options for in-room entertainment and you get extensive opportunity to monetize the TV usage.


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The Hospitality menu is displayed on the left side of the screen meanwhile, right side contains solved and unsolved guest requests. The icons, that will appear right after your log in, allow you to add a new guest or view the guest list, the available rooms, new orders or new messages. You can also see the statistics showing the  number of accommodated guests, the number of recieved orders in the last 30 days and the number of accepted orders in the last 30 days.



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The icon GUESTS allows you to view the guest list and information regarding check-in,  check-out  and room. The information about guests is also visible here (name, ID card number and country). Notes (VIP guest, special diet, etc.) can be put in the Description box.



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The room list contains all the important information and details about the rooms: the MAC address of each set-top box, the type of room, the number of beds, and the room phone number. All this information can be modified and updated when needed.



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Clicking on the STB icon will display the information about those set-top boxes that are connected to the network, name of the set-top box, room number, serial number, IP address, MAC address and description.



The item ORDERS contains all orders created by the hotel guests (food order, taxi, wake up order, etc.) and allows an easy managment. The orders can be accepted, resolved or canceled quickly. The last 20 solved and unsolved orders are displayed on the right side of the screen.


The hotel bills can be viewed after clicking on the icon BILLING. The Hotel bill contains the information about the guest´s name, room number, list of  services and orders together with its price and the total price forstay in the hotel.



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The CMS (Content Management System) is used to create a menu on the TV screen that will be displayed at the hotel rooms. The CMS makes is a fast and easy to create icons and items, change the color and the type of font and the background and add and move the hotel logo as desired. You can also create descriptions of historical sights or leisure-time activities in the close proximity to the hotel or add an interactive map or a short video introducing the hotel.

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ANTIK Technology


You can also send messages to the guests that will be displayed on the TV screen at their room.  The system allows you to send private messages or predefined messages to a certain group of guests or mail merge. After reading a message by the guest the message icon will be changed and the time when the message was read will be displayed.