Encoder 8 x CVBS MPEG2 EN 4900

Antik Encoder EN4900


The Antik Encoder EN 4900 is an integrated high density MPEG-2 Encoder. Eight streams of baseband Standard Definition (SD) real time A/V programs could be encoded simultaneously. These encoded streams could be re-multiplexed with the stream from its ASI input port. The final re-multiplexed Transport Stream (TS) is available at its Gigabit TS over the IP and the ASI output port.



  • Support 8AV,1 ASI Input
  • Support MPEG2 format encoding
  • Support PAL NTSC format
  • Support Maximal 108Mbps ASI input
  • 0.8Mbps~20Mbps each channel
  • Support D1, HD1, 2/3D1, 3/4D1 resolution
  • Support multiplexer function
  • Support ASI and IP output
  • Support Keyboard and LCD operation
  • Update device through NMS port




Technical specifications:


  • Resolution PAL: 720×576_50i, 704×576_50i, 640×576_50i, 320×288_50i, 176×288_50i,176×144_50i
  • Resolution NTSC: 720×480_60i, 544×480_60i, 352×480_60i, 320x240_60i, 176x240_60i, 176x120_60i
  • Encoding: MPEG-2 MP@ML
  • Bit-rate: 0.125Mbps~19Mbps each channel
  • Rate Control: CBR/VBR
  • Advanced Pretreatment: De-interlacing, noise reduction, sharpening


System function

  • LCD/keyboard operating, NMS supporting
  • English control interface
  • Ethernet software upgrade



  • 8 CVBS inputs , BNC interface
  • 8 pairs unbalanced stereo audio input, BNC interface
  • 1 ASI input, BNC interface

Stream output

  • 2*ASI output, BNC interface
  • MPTS over UDP, 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface (UDP uni-cast /multicast), 8 SPTS (optional)



  • Encoding: MPEG1 Audio Layer 2 LC-AAC,HE-AAC
  • Sampling rate: 32 KHz, 44.1 KHz, 48KHz
  • Bit-rate: 32Kb/s¬—384Kb/s each channel



  • 1 ASI input multiplexed with local 8 channels of TS


Interfaces on rear panel

  • Dimension (W× L× H): 482mm×455mm×44mm
  • Approx weight: 4kg
  • Power: AC 100V-220V±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 17.6W