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We offer a versatile Video Delivery to the iOS, Android and Windows 8. Watch TV on phone or tablet. Give your customers access to their TV channels anywhere. Customers only need to install this Antik Media application and they will be able to choose the Live TV streams or Radios based on the HLS or they can select their favorite program from the TV Archive. The application is supporting the H.264 format and is fully compatible with the Antik Media Streamer, where you can manage your own local or global content delivery. All is secured with the Key Rider DRM scrambling solution which is designed for a high security of the IPTV network.

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Live stream TV

Customers can enjoy Live TV broadcasting anywhere just with a smartphone or tablet if they have an Internet connection.

Watching Bookmarks

Start to watch movie from the Archive on TV and finish it on phone or tablet (coming soon).


A program guide offers a user friendly environment.

STB Remote Control

Easy to control the STB directly from phone/ tablet same as using the classic RC.

TV Archive

Offers an access to the programs after their live broadcast ended. User will just simply choose theTV channel and the date and thenselect the program he or she has missed.

Live stream Radio

Users can listen to radio stations as well as enjoy music on the road through the phone or tablet. Customer doesn’t need to download any additional radio applications.



All applications are optimized for smartphones and also tablets.ANTIK Technology


Technical specifications:

  • Adaptive bitrate HTTP Live Streaming Supported
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • SD and HD Streams
  • Backend Management System included
  • Automatic EPG metadata update in backend 
  • XML interface to billing system
  • Fully compatible with Antik Media Streamer Family
  • AES-256 Digital Rights Management (DRM) Supported
  • Skin adaptable to your product identity 


  •  Live streaming of TV and Radios
  • TV program guide
  • Streaming of archived TV shows
  • Search of archived TV shows by genre or name
  • Search of TV shows in EPG by genre or name
  • Electronical Program Guide Set-top box control over phone/ tablet


Supported platforms:


ANTIK TechnologyAntiktechAntiktech

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