Antik Hotel App

Antik Hotel App brings all hotel services directly in smartphones or tablets of your guests

Immediate response to all requests of your guests to make sure they are comfortable, without appearing invasive and compromising their enjoyment of their stay is a must. Earn your bonus in the form of increased customer engagement and revenue growth!



  • Mass messages
  • Orders
  • Reception services
  • Live chat
  • Feedback
  • Social networks
  • After stay promotio
  • Language selection
  • Staff efficiency

Mass messages
Forget about leaflets! Address your guests with your current offer with use of mass messages. Thanks to notifications, your offer will not be overlooked anymore.


Earn more sales by allowing to order your services and products via mobile application.
Introduction of the hotel before guests‘ arrival
Do you have guests' details from booking engines? Create and send them an access to the application so they can browse your offerings even before arrival.
Live chat
Contact some of your guests with a specific message with live chat. Solve their problems and handle their inquiries regardless of their current position.

Hotel feedback
Gain feedback on various hotel areas such as staff quality or cleanliness. Besides rating reviews, you will receive wordy comments full of guest's remarks.
Social networks promotion
Promote your social media profiles and ensure the influx of new fans! Shares of your guests will help you increase your visibility among their friends.
Communication with guests after stay
You can send offers and other information to your guests even after their check-out. This way, you can ensure they will come back again![1]_3417f05b3d29af735088ce1c126f8057.jpg
Easy-to-use administration
Administration allows you to accommodate a guest and give her the access to the application. Besides, you have the summary of all reservations, chat debates, reviews and options. You will master the administration in less than 10 minutes.
Operation on our servers
Application and administration run on our servers, so you don't have to install any software to your computers. All you need is the Internet connection, login and password.
Language selection
Application for the guest can be in all languages you will choose. Current languages in the administration are English, German and Slovak. 
Efficiency of your staff
Each inquiry is directed to the most appropriate department, so you can respond faster. Increase the satisfaction of your guests by speeding up your processes.
We provide manuals, video tutorials, consultations and blog to teach you use the application as good as possible. We also prepare the Academy and sundry eBooks.
Each guest will know about the application
Guests receive a Welcome note during her check in in their preferred language. They can find information about the application and download possibilities.